Working with the NEW NORMAL.

Working with the NEW NORMAL.

Working with the NEW NORMAL.


As someone who works in 'marketing', I have lots of experience in working with a wide and varied range of clients.... and industries. In this COVID-19 outbreak, NO ONE is 'immune' to this virus affecting their life in some way... regardless of contracting the Coronavirus. Every aspect of our lives will be affected, and already I have been using the term 'A new normal' quite often.

I won't go into the fine details or pretend to be an expert on the virus, but I have spent a great deal of time reading up on its effects, and it's potential impact on our lives over the coming year(s).

We understand that we will have to make some REAL changes to our business and what it delivers over the coming months. 

What is THAT important that YOU need to embark on next month's Google Adwords campaign? Well, nothing ... but ultimately this becomes the start of the 'break-down' in businesses functioning properly. 

In this 'new normal' we will all have to function in some capacity. Things may be a bit slower and, ultimately, harder ... but we must all try to continue as best as we can. Consider this. How do you want to be positioned when we, inevitably, come out the other side?

If I'm honest, I was one of the 'drama queens' in relation to this. Roundabout 4 weeks ago I was well aware that this was going to land on our doorstep. When some of the measures/guidance were announced on Monday, it DIDN't come as a great surprise to me. That's not me being arrogant about the fact that I am on social media pretty much most of the day - both personally and professionally. However, it has been pretty clear that some really did not expect the situation to be so 'dramatic'.

I think this is part of the problem. As a business, we are more scared of the 'panic' than the 'virus' at this point. That does not mean that we are downplaying the gravity of the situation - far from it. However, I'd like to think that over the coming (several) days people will get their head around the 'New Normal'.

Ultimately, take care of yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbours. That's still THE most important thing.

Talk (via WhatsApp probably) soon.

Scott and Louise.

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