Wishing you all a GREAT 2017

Wishing you all a GREAT 2017

Wishing you all a GREAT 2017


2016 was a strange year.

It seemed like a 'superstar/pop/movie icon' passed away every month. Bowie (one of the sorest over here), Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan and Glenn Frey in January. George Martin, Paul Daniels & Ronnie Corbett in March. Victoria Wood & Prince in April ... with many more before George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (ouch) passed away in December 2016.
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We will remember those who left us in that past year (and beyond), However, this is now 2017. There are many things for us all to look forward to. If you have just started your business then aim high... If you have an established business - then aim even higher this year.

If you haven't yet set your goals for the coming year - then the best piece of advice i could give you is - start right now. In 2017 we intend to take GAAP onto a new level. I've written down some new 'targets' to help push the company on. To help us achieve this I've scribbled down 5 companies (I'll be in touch soon) that I would like to work with in a much more Structured Digital Marketing capacity this year and to help them perform better also ... I've also set myself some fitness targets (can't be doing this SEO stuff ALL the time) and one more goal which I'll keep to myself :)

Stop what you are doing. Get a sheet of paper and a pen or a pencil (grab that crayon your child has just left at their feet) and write 3 things that you want to achieve this year.

Start with something small ... but finish with a cracker! : )

Go on.

Let's do something brilliant this year.


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