Website then Logo ... or Logo then Website?

Website then Logo ... or Logo then Website?

Website then Logo ... or Logo then Website?


15 years ago when I started in the world of 'Graphic Design' (yes it was an actual separate discipline), a client would approach as they either: had started a new business, wanted to develop their existing one, or wanted to increase the sales of a new product or service. The initial chat involved: "I need a logo designed". Once we had agreed on cost etc their would be lots of R&D and various proofs to attain the 'perfect' logo for that product, company or service.

What followed thereafter was (in no particular order):

- Letterhead, comp slip, business card, flyers, corporate brochures, exhibition displays ... and maybe even a website!

All of these items were based on the ethos of a well thought out and developed 'marque/logostyle"


Here is the issue these days. (simplified for illustration purposes :-)


"I need a website" says the client.

"Do you have a logo?" I ask

"No - can you do one when you are doing the site?"


There is generally a long pause before I answer that question.


The principles of what I described earlier still stand. The creation of a well thought out and designed logo will help you/us create the proper collateral that will enable you to put your message across much more effectively.

OK! It might now go (in no particular order):

- Website, brochure, Social Media, Email campaign, Exhibition video ... and maybe even a business card!

... but at least it's not "A*se from Elbow" as my dad would say!

Keep smiling!

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