Twitter and 140 Characters

Twitter and 140 Characters

Twitter and 140 Characters


One of the attractions for millions of Twitter users was its concise nature. It was to the point.
Often very clever ... and kept the platform vibrant in our mind. I'm not sure we (at gaapdigital) are convinced that allowing 280 characters will improve the overall experience?!

As Content Marketers and SEO Consultants, we are often advising our clients that there has to be plenty (I'll keep that quite vague just now) of content within their site ... but more importantly that each page or post has a reasonable amount of words. In an ideal world, every page and/or post would contain a minimum of 500 words with well written and relevant content. We don't ever suggest a maximum but always advise clients to consider the User Experience (UX) if you have more than 2000 words. Will they REALLY be reading all that (I'm sure it's riveting) content?

At GAAP Digital we have always tried to balance that desired 'lots of words' via the customers UX. We continue to do this for our clients today.

We can't help but feel that Twitter has accidentally fallen for a 'More is Better' mindset. If I want to say something with more than 140 characters ... I'll head over to Facebook!

I might even head over here first for a wee rant! : )

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