THAT World Book Day challenge...

THAT World Book Day challenge...

THAT World Book Day challenge...


Back in March, I wrote (based on it being World Book Day) a post about my favourite books and, to a certain extent, how much of a poor reader of 'good old fashioned printed' books I was. It was called 50 FOOTBALL BOOKS FOR 2017 ... and it set out a, based on my 'speed reading' capabilities, most unrealistic target of 50 books in 9 months.

Here is the update. March over. April pretty much finished ... and  I'm 1/3 of my way through the 3rd book. Not looking too promising, is it? : )

Here's the thing though. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. As I mentioned in the original post - I read a lot. It's just that it's usually backed up with a blue light behind it and a reasonable wi-fi connection. Today I almost put my book down as I went through a tunnel on the way into Glasgow... before i realised that a 3 or 4G connection is NOT required to read your book. *shock face emoji

You can see the list of books for 2017 here.

You'll have to scroll down to books 51 and 52 to see the ones that I have finished though : )

The reason for the aforementioned is that, after I posted the challenge and my subsequent shout out for anyone who would be willing to 'share' any of these books... a very kind gentleman going by the name of JC (I know him well) offered me over 20 of the 50 books in the list... and at least 5 more that SHOULD have been on the list (in his humble opinion). Ultimately I have finished 2 books so far: No. 51 My Father, by Gary Imlach and No. 52 Full Time, by Tony Cascarino and I am currently really enjoying No. 26: The Damned United, by David Peace.

(I'm tempted to review those two just now but I will hold off till I get to nearer the end of the year - although Tony Cascarino's story is a f*cking great read!)

Anyway... If I manage 10 (£50 to one of those charities) I'll be happy.


PS. Never mentioned Digital Marketing in that post once! ; )


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