Tech may change but Marketing Principles remain

Tech may change but Marketing Principles remain

Tech may change but Marketing Principles remain


A few days ago I started a mini clear out of some cupboard space. This cupboard space rarely sees the light of day and contains hundreds of items that, in all honesty, should have been taken to the recycling centre many years ago.

My name is Scott ... and I am a hoarder. ... >>> Step 1

One of the things that I came across in my clear out was a 'Floppy Disk'! (Nod your head if you remember what that is?) On finding this 'relic' I shouted my 3 kids to the room to ask them if they knew what it was. Needless to say not one of them (14, 9 and 6yrs old) had a clue what it was. When i tried to explain to them that it was a disk for holding files etc... a bit like a 'flash drive' they looked at me with blank expressions. But that was nothing compared to their confused wee faces when I told them how much space was on it. A huge 1.3MB (I can't remember whether i was impressed at the time or not, although I was definitely not impressed with having to cart around, what can only be described as a small hamster cage, to hold all 40 of them for college submissions)!

Even the 9 year old knows that if she downloads a song it's about 3.5MB. In a world of multiple TB externals, 32GB Micro sims and The Cloud this piece of 'technology' looks like it could never have existed in anyone's world never mind their old Dad's.

Given that it will never get used I decided to open it up and show them the inside. What strikes me at that point is that the 'disk' is actually more familiar than i thought. To a certain extent it it's reminiscent of a CD, of an internal hard drive. It made me think about how things are when you strip everything away. When you look under the hood (behind the curtain) the principle is very similar. In 2017 the available space may be far bigger but ultimately it still just a 'spinning disk' holding different amounts of information.

As a reinvented Digital Marketing Agency GAAP NOW A STRUCTURED DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY I've recently talked a LOT : ) about 'Digital Marketing' and how it's a necessity for all businesses to make sure their digital presence is as good as it possibly can be, but the more I go on about SEO, rich content, back links and analytics, the more I realise that it's all still good old 'MARKETING'. Underneath the hood of this 'digital marketing label' is the same core principles that I employed when writing marketing and communication strategies in the early 2000's. 


Situation Analysis: Market analysis, a SWOT analysis and a competitive analysis. Segmentation, market forecasts, customer info and market needs analysis.
Marketing Strategy: A mission statement, some business objectives alongside a focused strategy with market segment focus and product positioning.
Sales Forecast: Monthly targets, Yearly targets. Assessment of the plan. Targets for products or services, by region and/or sector. Targets for key individuals and personnel.
Expense Budget: What are you spending/investing? Set a realistic ROI.

Planning is about the results, not the plan itself - as we often say at GAAP - Get to Market.


So don't get too spooked by some of the fancy 2017 jargon that you might hear from us 'digital marketers'!

We're just Marketers at heart. : )


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