SEO Certification

SEO Certification

SEO Certification


You might have recently read my post about 'What we've learned in 2016' - probably not if I'm being fair ... and honest.

The main thrust of it was that we - Ewan, Catrina, Louise and I - have all got on board and embraced the fact that we are now (and pretty much always have been) a Digital Marketing Agency.
We've all realised it ... in great time. Marketing is always changing and evolving. Our Structured Digital Marketing strategy, in our opinion, keeps us ahead of the curve.

I have always been quite lucky in that I seem to find myself surrounded by more intelligent people than myself. Sometimes I find them on purpose but, in truth, it's mostly luck.

Anyway - enough of the sloppy stuff. I can honestly say that I have a really decent team here ... delivering some BRILLIANT results. : )

The point of the post?

Well, I appear to have passed my (btw I've been on this for ages) 'SEO expert' exam. ; ) ...  One more mention of Digital Marketing (in Glasgow) won't do any harm! : )


Every day is a School Day.

Talk Soon.




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