Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Reputation Management


It's not really a 'service' that we would add to our website ... (By The Way - apologies for the lack of posts. Working IN the business rather than ON the business is a good sign - Always work ON the business folks).

One of our clients 'The Bistro Rutherglen' was recently the on the wrong end of some really aggressive 'Black Hat' S.E.O. tactics.

A fairly local (different area) Italian Restaurant decided that they would invest in a Bing (it's Microsoft tbf) Ad Campain making use of the keywords 'The Bistro Rutherglen'. Said restaurant does not reside in Rutherglen ... and has NEVER been a Bistro.

As an SEO Consultant, I am well aware of how 'black hat' the industry can be. I'm even willing to admit to engaging in some 'grey hat' endeavours on behalf of some pretty upset clients but that's the limit ... and it's generally in retaliation to some questionable tactics from the competition.

Today, my Rutherglen-Based (small) restaurant client, was faced with a very serious threat to their business. An Ad Campaign was created that deliberately targeted the very good reputation. We contacted the Italian restaurant who where utilising the 3-word search term 'The Bistro Rutherglen' on their behalf. (Trust me - Tempers were frayed.)

As a salesperson and marketer, I am really aware of how 'bad news' can spread fast. Time was of the essence and I made the call to 'make the call' instead of the restaurant owner. Emotions have to be removed from situations like this. As The Bistro Rutherglen's Digital Marketer I managed to speak with the other restaurant owner and explain that he should 'Cease and Desist' ... and that he had 24 hours to remove the reference (in his PAID ad) to The Bistro Rutherglen before a lawyer's letter would be sent to his address. I was, subsequently, met with a bundle of expletives - followed by him hanging up on me. (the first, fairly civil, conversation indicated that he did not care that he was using these 3-word search terms).

The lesson!

As much as I was (obviously not) as angry as my client about this ... it's often very important to stop and take a breath.

We managed to explain the situation on Social Media in a calm and measured way ... and the reaction is testament to The Bistro Rutherglen's reputation.

The other (new) restaurant's reputation, needless to say, is in absolute tatters.

Behave yourself guys! ; )


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