Happy Holidays from GAAP

Happy Holidays from GAAP

Happy Holidays from GAAP


It's Friday the 22nd of December. The Last Friday before the extended Winter Holidays.

If you are getting some time off, then I hope you get to make the most of it and enjoy whatever it is you have planned. If you are not getting time off then just keep thinking of how much stress everyone is under by, well, being off! : )

Seriously though enjoy whatever break you manage to get. It can be a hard time of year with many pressures attached to it. I'll be honest it's not my favourite time of year due to that very fact and often see family and friends (including myself) aiming for everything to be absolutely 'perfect'. Don't stress if it ends up 'less than perfect'. Enjoy the things that go well and try to smile as often as possible. This advice is for YOU ... but ultimately it's a reminder to myself.

Later today GAAP (a compact team nowadays) are heading into Glasgow (with the kids in tow) to drop some clothes and food at a nearby Foodbank. As a 'Family' we agreed to do this rather than sending out cards.

So there you are. Here is your Winter Holiday 'post'.

Have a great time folks and in the meantime enjoy our #FiveForFriday


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