Getting started on Social

Getting started on Social

Getting started on Social


In the last year or so GAAP has changed dramatically. From a Graphic Design and Web Dev Studio ... to a Digital Marketing Company - with an SEO Expert at the helm. : ) 

(must code 'sarcasm' font)

One of the main aspects of moving towards being a Digital Marketer - or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Consultant - is understanding what On-Site and Off-site SEO means.

On-Site is the stuff we do WITH/ON your website. That HAS to be pretty much perfect. We do that (almost) perfect for you.

The Off-Site stuff is a bit more 'vague'. A bit more 'dark arts' as many people will say. To be fair I had a real cynicism for it all 24 months ago... so I don't blame you for thinking the same.

For me, Off-Site is SOCIAL MEDIA.

I write blogs for many clients ... which all link back to the primary domain and create great SEO signals ... however, SocMed is one of the primary reasons for increased traffic (and Return Of Investment) when I embark on any Digital Marketing campaign!

So! You want the enquiries and new business.
You want the increased Social Media activity and interactions...
but you don't have the confidence or belief to do it.

Don't worry about going on various training courses (although these are generally worth doing if you have the time) ... just do it!
Make mistakes. Learn from them. Ask your old graphic Designer. Ask your (long forgotten) 'marketing expert'. Just get started.

One of the best examples of this is one of my current 'SEO' clients - Hodgkinson's The Jewellers in Clarkston.

A while back .... I pointed them in the right direction with some core facebook messages and schedules ... before you know it they are running a great Facebook page with a really good mix of content.

Don't be scared. Have a go. It will be worth it!

Go on - get in touch. I'll teach you how to fish ... rather than give you the fish!

Ask me how I can help you get more business via Google and Bing! ; )


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