GAAP - now a Structured Digital Marketing Agency

GAAP - now a Structured Digital Marketing Agency

GAAP - now a Structured Digital Marketing Agency


'And what is a Structured Digital Marketing agency?" I hear you ask.

Well it's pretty much as it sounds. Fundamentally we aren't changing anything that we do. We still write great marketing plans. We still build superb digital marketing solutions. We still create brilliant Social Media campaigns ... and we still sit down and listen to what you have to say. What's different this time is that we really only want to work with you when you are fully committed to the creation of a Structured Digital Marketing plan. We are always fully committed to get the best solution possible and we always strive to get as much engagement from our client as possible. What we ask for from you though ... is a commitment. A commitment to work with us from the word go. A commitment to help us get the job done - and done right.

We're going with 'Lets do something Brilliant!' from now on. It's the way we feel. Yes we can do you a 'decent' site with a 'decent' communications strategy with some decent flyers... but we're not going to be doing 'decent' anymore.

As you can see from our new pricing structure we really want to do this properly.

Have a plan in mind before getting in touch, however be prepared for that plan to change. Once we start talking this Digital Marketing plan through with you, you might find that you want to aim higher. Be prepared to evolve. Be prepared to question yourself and your motives behind what and where you thought you were heading.

2017 and beyond with GAAP DIGITAL could be great ... let's do something brilliant though!




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