Digital Marketing Template part 4

Digital Marketing Template part 4

Digital Marketing Template part 4


As I am writing this I have the Scottish First Minister on in the background where she is talking about extending the 'lockdown' for another 3 weeks. My own personal opinion is that they are right to do so. We have all made big sacrifices in the previous 5-8 weeks and it seems crazy to loosen these measures too early. However, I am in total agreement that there are only varying degrees of right and wrong answers in this whole situation.

Anyway... regardless of when we return to 'normal' I hope you are all well and managing to cope with whatever is in front of you.

As things develop we are hoping that you are all coping. We are still around for a chat or email conversation. Keep your marketing going as it is important that you keep yourself in front of all of your clients. Marketing will be one of the things that keeps your business going. Talk soon hopefully. Always at the end of a phone or video call. Honestly ... I will be available most of the time on the phone. At the very least. Please send me an email.

Here is the latest part of some of our 'marketing template' and advice. Part 4

Talk soon.


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