Digital Marketing Template part 2

Digital Marketing Template part 2

Digital Marketing Template part 2


Hi folks. I hope you are all doing well... and all coping with this 'new normal' ... looks like it will be a pretty long journey. I'm sure we'll all come out the other side better for it ; )

Seriously though, I hope you are all healthy ... and if anyone wants to chat about ANYTHING please feel free to give me a call. Honestly ... I will be available most of the time on the phone. At the very least. Please send me an email.

As things develop we are hoping that you are all coping. We are still around for a chat or email conversation. Keep your marketing going as it is important that you keep yourself in front of all of your clients. Marketing will be one of the things that keeps your business going. It might not feel like it but things WILL get better and I'm sure that we will all be able to get together at some point this year. Talk soon hopefully

Here is part 2 of some marketing advice. This section covers REACH. Scott | If anyone needs all 4 docs as one file then please let me know. 07796 131713. Talk soon hopefully

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