Digital Marketing Template part 1

Digital Marketing Template part 1

Digital Marketing Template part 1


In amongst the Coronavirus outbreak, many businesses and individuals are worried about retaining their business and/or jobs. These are genuine worries, and I am one of those that have concerns about how things will look 6-12 months down the line. I still regard 'success' in this whole situation as 'getting to the other side' without losing someone I know... I know that sounds dramatic, but that is the reality.

Given this reality, it's pretty hard to imagine people placing Marketing as a high priority on their list of 'spending'. However, where possible, companies should try their hardest to keep their brand and name in front of as many people as possible. Especially given that people have time on their hands are often browsing the internet, thinking about how things will be better in the future. That future still requires a kitchen being fitted, signage being required, Physio work etc.

We are under no illusion that things will come back to 'normal' very gradually. With this in mind (and being pretty sure that we will be in the same situation in 4-6 weeks) we thought it might be quite worthwhile to give you some ideas about how you (and your business) could improve/start your digital marketing strategy.

Click here to download PART 1 of your Digital Marketing template/guidance.

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