Digital Marketing in Glasgow

Digital Marketing in Glasgow

Digital Marketing in Glasgow


Yesterday was a typical day.

Throughout the day I was angry, proud, hungry, ecstatic, frustrated, satisfied and tired.

Not all at the same time obviously! ;

One of the things that I have always liked about being involved in the Creative Industries was the variety in my day... when I started out in business in 2003 I was 'just' a Graphic Designer and I 'Graphic Designed' every day of the week, but every day, more often than not, you would be working on a different project or product... for a different client... from a different sector. A fantastic week!

Nothing in my 'Graphic Design World' ever felt too repetitive or chore-like. What is it they say? 'Find a job you love doing, and you'll never work a day in your life'.  ??
(as much as I love what I do ... not sure that is truly 100% tbf ; )

So here I am 20 odd years later, still doing 'Graphic Design' (albeit it a much smaller part of my day) but mostly working on, and implementing, my client's Digital Marketing Plans. I didn't see that coming ten years ago.

Scott McPhee | Digital Marketer and SEO Consultant! 
(I'm still a Graphic Designer I tell myself)

Well, here I am. Building websites, writing content and managing Social Media accounts for clients as part of my day.


7:00 AM: Chaos as the three girls, Ben (the Vizsla) Louise and I try and all get ready to leave at the desired time! We have one bathroom at the moment ... this HAS to change @Glenlith ; )

7:50 AM: There are multiple 'Screaming Matches' going on as Louise sorts out the two younger girls' hair! I don't know how she does it. I continue to make breakfasts and packed-lunches away from the madness.

8:30 AM: Less Chaotic. The eldest leaves (always 5 mins late) with Louise.

8:56 AM: 'Where is your jacket?' I shout fairly loudly. I truly detest shouting in the morning! It's not good feeling angry!

8:57 AM: Myself and the two girls leave for School. One of them is wearing the completely wrong jacket. Too late to argue!

9:10 AM: Check emails again. Answer a few of the 'easier to deal with' ones. Mark as unread those that will take a bit more thought.

9:25 AM: Walk Ben (the Vizsla). Take some phone calls.

10:00 AM: Procrastinate about those harder-to-deal-with-marked-as-unread emails.

10:05 AM: Turn on my TOGGL ( ) and finish writing my post about the best Luxury Kitchen Appliances for 2018. That goes well. Proud of that one!

12:59 PM: Hungry! Time for some brain food. Mackerel and Baked Potatoe.

13:30 PM: Get an email confirming that I have won the web build and development of an amazing wee community project. I like those ones - Ecstatic! I'll probably do some extra SEO for them. I really like working in the 3rd Sector!

13:40 PM: Meet with my Window Blinds client. What a difficult SEO Market this is. I've enjoyed the work that I have done but, ultimately, he's NOT got a Return on his Investment. I am currently coming up with some options and solutions and hope that they will come back to me. Frustrated dot com!

14:55 PM: Now running out the door to collect the kids from primary school! 'I'll make it'. I say to myself! I do! Only a few tears from the youngest!

15:20 PM: This is the hardest part of the day. Emails are pinging away. The phone is going. The kids are talking. The dog is barking. Not a chance am I getting anything done. The only thing that can be done at this juncture is to try and make sure that the kids are (kinda) ready for their various classes before (super) mum gets back!

I fail. Ballet shoes are nowhere to be found. Leotards are all the wrong size. I ALWAYS have bobbles in my pocket to be fair. 'Pony tails will do!' I tell them.

16:00 PM: The gang are away! Away to learn about Allégro, Adagio, Dégagé, Pas de trois and Rivoltade!
(they all sound a bit like a 1990's dance club act if you ask me)

16:30 PM: Done some Google analytics, Incognito and Console work on my Clarkston Jeweller's site. The mini 'campaign' that we agreed upon and that I had worked mega hard on had worked. The SERP's results were amazing. Super quick. Even surprised myself if the truth be known. Super Satisfied!

17:00 - 22:30 PM: Too scary to write about ... or for you to read about.

22:30: Find a charged tablet. Plug my earphones in. Go to Netflix or NOW depending on my mood. #Tired dot com.

Arguments about finding jackets and fixing hair aside ... Tomorrow will be different ... 

Yesterday was a GREAT day!

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