Convince me Apple followers!

Convince me Apple followers!

Convince me Apple followers!


Back in 2001 when I had decided that I was going to start my own business it was based on the fact that all I needed was a desk and a PowerMac G3. To be fair I was well aware that I needed a bit more in relation to 'skillsets' ... but, in the main, owning my own super powerful piece of Apple kit was definitely the start.

At that time in history, Apple had the 'Graphic Design' and Creative Industry in general, cornered. We just accepted that we had to pay 3 times more than your average PC or Laptop as it was what you 'needed' to be a creative. None of us (a big generalisation to be fair) cared that we were paying for Apple to create super slick ad campaigns and make obscene profits with a relatively small market share... we were 'designers' and we had PowerMac G3's and MacBooks.

At some point in my business life, I had a slight fall out with Apple and it made me reassess my relationship with them. The first question revolved around 'would Adobe Creative Suite (I don't think it existed at the time - but Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator etc.) work on this 'Personal Computer or PC?' As soon as I was told that the Windows Operating System could support all of these 'uniquely graphic design' applications all I had to do was choose my machine/laptop.

It didn't take long to find the right piece of hardware with the right spec. I ended up with DOUBLE the hard disc space and 3 times as much processor speed ... for almost half the price. My eyes were opened! : )

I won't lie. The move from an Apple (Operating System) OS to a Windows OS was not exactly seamless ... at the very worst though I would describe it as 'awkward'. No more than that. 8+ years down the line I don't see me ever going back. I have an iMac in the house which my daughters use for watching Netflix ... nothing else. My youngest uses my old iphone 4 for playing some games, they all use an old ipod for their dance classes and my eldest is glued to her 'it's broke dad' iphone 5.

I really need to open my mind on this one because every time we have the chat about getting a new phone (i removed deliberately) we end up arguing as I keep explaining that they are paying for the slick marketing rather than the device. If they went to Android they would get double the disc space, a bigger market share in apps via Google Play ... and from the money, they save they could get as much data as they want! But no. They want the overpriced, 'underspecked' (i)phone.

Can someone please give me a couple of decent reasons to convince me that I (and in turn them) are not being conned here? (I already know I am to be fair : )

I suppose what I am saying ... is that I accept that they will end up getting their way on this. What I am looking for though is some validation that it's not all as bad as I'm making out.

I won't hold my breath. : )

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