100 days of Lockdown

100 days of Lockdown

100 days of Lockdown


I'd love to say 'We've made it'! I want to say 'We've beaten it'... but I don't think we are quite there yet. It's clear that life has returned to some sort of normality and businesses are starting to trade once more with people making full use of the new 'guidelines'.
I am happy at where we are just now, and I believe that, as a society, we have to decide what kind of quality of life we want to live from here on in.

There have, undoubtedly, been mistakes but I think Scotland has done pretty well in the grand scheme of things. Fingers crossed we can stay on top of it so that the kids can get back to school properly in August. I realise that seems a long way off, but if we can achieve that, then I believe that business can return to a proper 'normal'.

Many of you will already have returned to business, albeit slightly less profitably but it's good to see a lot of our clients posting news about opening times, open-air visits etc. Hopefully, you have all had some time to think about the coming years digital marketing plan : )

Anyway ... It's July the 1st, and I was out for a walk yesterday. I had listened to the First Minister's daily briefing and her mention of it being the 100th day of official lockdown. Quite a milestone actually. Over the months I have, like most of you, enjoyed the many rainbows attached to doors and windows in the area.

Yesterday I was struck by the fact that some of these are still there. Some more vibrant than others... but I quite liked the fact that some of these were fading due to the sun and time.

I took some pics of our street and a couple nearby. There's a bit of 'hope' in them in the knowledge that they will come down eventually... hopefully to be tucked away in that box with the other special drawings and poems etc.

Being part of this whole thing will be something none of us will forget.

Well done everyone and we'll see you soon.

Dedicated to those loved ones that we have lost during this incredible period.

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